Philippe-Albert is an industrial designer from Montreal, Canada now based in Lausanne, Switzerland. He graduated from a Masters in advanced studies HES-SO at ECAL/University of arts and design Lausanne, and from a Bachelor in industrial design at the University of Montreal. He has been running and assisting in workshops at ECAL since 2010.

As a design consultant and independent designer, Philippe-Albert's uses design as an equation to get the most out of the objects that he creates. His work focuses mainly on innovation through balanced aesthetics and functions with great care for the materials and their appropriateness.

Philippe-Albert is co-founder of Terrazzo Project, a furniture and interior design studio using terrazzo, a cherished yet antiquated material, terrazzo, to adapt it to the demanding requirements of modern day, contemporary design.

During the past years, he has worked with known and recognized companies for their tradition and expertise such as Études Studio, Base Design, Toolsgalerie, Hublot, Audemars Piguet, Braun, Nestlé, Herman Miller and Ericsson.

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